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tv   Close Up  CSPAN  July 24, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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 . >> announcer: the following a masn presentation.   . >> johnny: maybe last night's game was never meant to be finished. nearly 5 hours after it began the cardinals left town with a rain-shortened win. tonight the nats welcome the padres with every intention of getting back in the win column. 
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 it's a nice warm evening at ball park, folks are coming in for a weekend series between the two teams that are struggling the most in the national league, the padres and the nats, and for some reason the nationals really struggle against this team. since '05 the padres have won 19 out of 24. ouch. >> wow. >> johnny: time to turn that around. how about sophie fence, josh willingham and mr. dunn 8 for 13 the last two nights. >> we need to get some people out in front of them. you know, josh willingham has been swinging a good bat and adam dunn is hot, when he is up on base and hitting up at the plate you got to have some people on second and third so he can drive them in. finally there was some people on base the other night. there he is getting a gapper. the more people we can get on in front of josh willingham and atam dunn, this is not a great
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pitching staffer for the is san diego padres so this should be a great chance to win the series. but when josh willingham is swinging a good bat, the same thing with josh willingham, everybody gets better when they get good. >> johnny: these ball clubs are a combined 51 1/2 games out of first place in their respective divisions and the padres have won only 37 games, you saw adegree an gonzalez, matt lay toes goes tonight for them then the united states getting ready trying to increase that 28-win total behind garrett mock in national's park.
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  . nats baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by wendy's. it's way better than fast food, it's wednesday deals.   this is going to be way differently than last night.
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a beautiful night at the ball park. the lineup for san diego, worst in the league in hitting and in runs they are batting only .230 but kevin guzman kouzmanoff doing a good job and he has been very good in his career here at national's park. the padres took 5 out of 6 and swept a three-game series last year and he was right in the middle of that with a guy named chase headley. here is garrett mock, fifth in a row since returning from aaa. so rob dibble, from what you recall what does he need to do. >> rob: he needs to pound the strike zone. this isn't a good hitting ball club, you have to be careful of adrian gonzalez obviously or kouzmanoff but other than that they are not a home run threat, not a great average team or on base percentage team, so throw strikes, attack the strike zone
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and give your team a chance to succeed tonight. johnny i know the padres have the lowest batting average in major baseball and the worst on base percentage. there is a kid named gwynn though starting off and just a little hayes overhead, pretty clear, 83 degrees.   it's nice. and matt goes 2-0. >> rob: that was the last thing. don't help these guys, don't walk them, don't put them on base. challenge them. attack with the fastball. >> johnny: tony gwynn hitting .289 with a on base average of .259. willingham to cut it off and
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the padres are in business here in the top of the first. padres defensively still last in defensive categories, playing a little better lately. willie harris gets the start tonight, nothing to be concerned about, a night off for nigel morgan. he has been waiting to pick a spot to give more fan a spot. told him he was gonna do that three or four days ago. cabrera the shortstop. 22-year-old switch hitter from nicaragua. he was originally signed by colorado at the age of 17 in '04, they got him in the trade last november. and that ball gets away from josh bard. some things out of sync here on the first six pitches of the
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game.   that's gonna be a fastball. >> rob: got to be, hit some leather, and a little extra movement at the end and josh lets it get by. that will happen every now and then.   . >> johnny: he'll leg out a on three hops, mock, high throw, slow throw, cabrera beats it, an over to third is gwynn.   sacrifice, fielder's choice, first and third, nobody out.    . >> rob: well one of the thi tonight looking for is don't help them, that's going to help them right there, the bad throw, the sacrifice bunt, you take it, two-hopper back to you, throw it, you got to step and throw, you hear a lot of
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coaches say that, you lob it and you've got a quick kid like cabrera beat that out, now you have pain coming up here with pedro gonzalez. >> johnny: gonzalez batting a puzzling .248 although kouzmanoff's numbers pit hitting only .282, so he hasn't been hitting good. >> rob: kind of an island on this team. >> johnny: hitting .233 against the nationals. medium left center, gwynn scores easily and just like that the pads have an early run. and for adrian gonzalez his 55th r.b.i. and his seventh career against washington pitching. game notes, the rain delays just keep on coming. look at that. the equivalent of more than one full day, now, we have sat and sat and waited for rain.
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adrian gonzalez is in a big- time siesta, with power lately and the nats in scoring position. evidently some fireworks woke him up on the 4th of july. that's a good number. here is a big guy with lots of power, kevin kouzmanoff. the runner at first started, then stopped.   padres expecting a little h tomorrow. they may have david eckstein back. he has been nursing a hamstring. kouzmanoffff a big, strong guy who hits for power. now the runners going, bart's throw right into the runner and a stolen base. bart cabrera, his ninth of the year in 10 attempts.   . >> rob: well, usually when a guy gets this much of a jump it's off the pitcher, you saw
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mock as soon as he looked home cabrera took off. and he was way off first base. he -- you can't allow a guy to get that much of a lead, you have to throw over to keep him closer than that. >> johnny: on the pitch before that he had started about 4 or 5 steps and then came back.   now it's 0-2 to kouzmanoff strikes out a lot and a breaking ball low and away. kevin cues ma november 27 years of age. >> rob: all right bob, let's look at the lead. you can't let him get that much of a lead. if he gets that much of a lead you have got to throw over to first base, he was a good step past that cut off near first base. >> bob: that's what defines a big lead or not, the edge of that grass. >> rob: usually i always liked to look at the runner and see if he took two big side steps. if he takes that two side steps and then a third you gt to throw over. you can't let him get that much of a lead because that's an
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extra step on the catcher when he tries to throw him out. >> bob: 2-2 pitch and a breaking ball, kouzmanoff strikes out for the 890th time this year. two down.   kind of a high breaking bal right here by garrett mock but quite effective when the guy swings underneath it. >> rob: sometimes a backup breaking ball is your best friend. you don't want to make a habit of it because sometimes it will leave the playing surface. that one was most effective and you could hear kouzmanoff on the way back to the dugout, "darnit," not exactly what he said, but you knew what he was thinking. >> bob: we know what he was thinking. who is he, and 6 for 14 gets the nats last year, a former second rounder by the padres out of tennessee. >> bob: headley, headley lamar.
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i knew we were going to get a blazing saddles reference tonight. oh, harvey corman one of the best ever.   oh, tiger. what's the matter.    . >> bob: chase head lei, rig field, that's trouble if it's fair. it is. san diego leads 2-0. headley to second base. some of the nats' young pitchers are having bad first innings this week. garrett mock against the cubs on sunday gave up a run in the second after a double in the first, a double play, got him out of that. but things got ugly after that and he got him right on the trademark and headley did a good job of getting the bat head out. >> rob: i don't even have to say it, you can't throw it out there any better if you're a hitter, basically if you're
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standing at home plate you try toes to it in between the first baseman and the right fielder. >> bob: look at the size of this guy. kyle blanks. he is 6'6", 285, out of sutter ton, pennsylvania, and the padres took him five years ago in the 42nd round of the draft. >> rob: you sure it was the padres and not the chargers? this guy is huge. >> bob: could have been. he is a rookie. he hit .307 in four full minor league seasons. >> rob: oh, monk go like candy gram. >> bob: he drove in 107 runs in the texas league. he is on a three-game hitting streak. how about this guy, three-game hitting streak, the other biggest guy on the field has a six-game streak. >> rob: played with a kid named press well pratt in the minor
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leagues from the bahamas and he was as big as this kid. he hit 25 in the florida state league. not easy. >> bob: up in the air, right side, nick johnson, not quite. >> rob: remember that field there was that building out beyond left field in spring training for the cardinals. he hit that building in the air. over 550 feet. >> bob: that building is the bay front center for basketball and football and all that sort of thing. >> rob: press well pratt, when he hit it, went a long way. i bet when this guy gets into one i bet it could go for a long way. >> bob: not if you don't swing. and mock gets him but he gives up two runs and a couple of hits early for the padres. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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 . >> bob: long first inning f garrett mock and the nats, ninth in runs, 10th in home runs, adam dunn is on a little hitting streak here with his three for three before the rain last night dunn has hit in 6 consecutive games, 10 for 21. we don't society big free strikeout home run guys with hitting streaks but atam has got one going. here is matt lay toes. born in alexandria, virginia, lives in florida now, the 11th
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round pick. >> rob: local boy makes good, pnc bank scouting record, second start, down on the farm. 72 innings pitched, 42 hits, 73ks, let's welcome him to the show, bob, with a big blow out.   . >> bob: went four innings, his first start, in fact rather similar to what tomorrow night's nats' starter jd martin did the first time. you'll see a lot of young pitchers in this three-game weekend series. >> rob: i was told he has a great fastball, you can hear it up here, bringing it. up goes the glove. >> bob: willie harris is 0 for
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his last 12. he needs a couple good ab's tonight, he knows when he gets his bats he gets his base hits. he has walked three times during the over 12 his on-base average is respectable at 3.58. one and 2 format lay does.   so is nats are hitting .261 the batting average is the same as the phillies who produce so many more runs with their hits. the padres, in fact, just came from philadelphia. and a 2-2 pitch to willie
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harris. >> rob: didn't they stay here, drove there and came back. >> bob: they stayed here, had an early bus and a later bus and brought both of them back after the game. 3-2-2 pitch. harris, in the air, left center. tony gwynn is there, first out.   padres are in the middle of week defensively. the one thing this young team has done, is not beaten themselves very often, they have made 35 errors fewer than the nationals.   adrian gonzalez the most recognizable name out there and maybe tomorrow david eckstein will be back in the starting lineup and on that defense.   here is cristian guzman, go base hit his first time up last night, a one -- pardon me -- 0-
7:21 pm
21, 1 for 22 and nine for his last 72.   he gets on top of that one, hits it a long way to center. that ball is going to leave the park. and the nats are on the board on possibly the longest home run cristian guzman has ever hit as a washington national. that's his fourth of the year. >> rob: good by mr. rawlings.   . >> bob: wow. from where did that come? >> rob: now cristian guzman, it's cristian against the padres, enough said there. but he goes upstairs on the high fastball and right to the left of the geico sign, what is that, like a little ambulance or something back there? what is that thing back there? upon bob might be. let's hope we never have to
7:22 pm
find out.   fastball is in there to ryan zimmerman, the nationals have hit their 84th homer of the year. the padres have given up their 109th and it's a 2-1 game. ryan is hitting right-handers at a .300 clip. target away. he goes out and gets that one but that's not going as far. hit hard but gwynn was playing deep and he takes it on the track. three consecutive balls hit to straightaway center field to start the game. >> rob: they have taken that fastball right back towards the middle, goes 95 miles per hour. haveve to come up with something off-speed to pitch at this level, though, young man. >> bob: there is adam dunn.   so adam 10 for his last 21, elevating his average to .274,
7:23 pm
he has a .548 shrugging percentage, top 10 of the league, top homers and r.b.i.s and on-base walks. he is having an adam dunn-type season.   . >> rob: how dupree announce name lay toes. >> bob: lay toes. >> rob: lay toes throws straight over the top. very rare in this level. >> bob: why? >> rob: because many more used to do that. it was taught back in the minor leagues, lower levels, college and high school. watch this delivery, this arm is coming straight over, 6'7" coming downhill at you.   how would you like to see 96 coming from behind this kid's ear. there is the off speed.
7:24 pm
remind me a little bit of jeff weaver. used to come over the top and not 3/4. a 2-2 pitch to adam. putted bat. the ball is not in the air very long but adrian gonzalez is there. they get half the runs back on cristian guzman's fourth of the year, a laser beam to straightaway center. 2-1 padres. play. y. pads each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at
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 . >> bob: unexpected power fr cristian guzman, just his fourth homer of the year and, in his career, number 58. 58 home runs in 10 years.   luis rodriguez the san diego  second baseman leads off, top 2, batting a buck 94. he is a switch hitter.   ob: we talked about the table-setters, he didn't set the table, he clears the table. >> bob: a bouncing ball. he grabs it to put out iguez. >> rob: mr. mock come right back and put a goose egg up there to back up his offense.   . bob: number 8 hitter for t padres and we saw a little bit of this young man when he was
7:27 pm
with the giants, alensier alfonso. that's the nickname i wol give him and probably for that swing.   garrett mock has given up h third hit, adam dunn is going to get his 12th error as the ball got by him,and this gets the runner to third base with one out.   you would expect that to be error.   and, if so, thaswould h made two errors in the first two innings.   . >> rob: ll an fonzio is goi to hit it down the left field line, see it bouncing eye around, bounces right by am good s re a catcher. got one of those, though, from will nieves. >> bob: adam dunn's second error in a row, haout pitcher,
7:28 pm
mat latos got the bat on the ball, hit it pretty sharply and the runner, al hynnintro zo, stays at third base, one out, tony ga bin.   that couldn't have felt too good. he is a former teammate of pablo sandoval in san francisco. they must have been sliding buddies. >> rob: yeah, pete rose wouldn't be too proud about that head-firstter, there wasn't a lot of air and then, yeah. >> bob: that's a good. >> rob: good one, ouch.   . >> bob: tony gwynn doubled to get the padres started in the first. >> rob: don't underestimate these guys. anybody in the major leagues
7:29 pm
can hit. they may be on a season-long slump but you have to be able to hit to get to the major league level. >> bob: tony gwynn jr. is 26 years of age, they got him from milwaukee for jody garrett.   he has hit safely 6 of his 8 games.   a bouncer that will turn ni johnson around, race to the bag, mock gets there and a good play by nick. the padres do not score, top of the second, johnson, willingham and bard coming right up. ♪
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announcer: cialis for daily use or 36-hour cialis. ask your doctor if cialis is right for you, so when the moment is right, you can be ready.  . >> bob: padres 2, nats 1, bottom of the second here at nats park. get your red on, come out early. we have another t-shirt tuesday coming, that's on august 4th. you know you're a nats fan, that's the t-shirt. you know the one with a little list on the back. presented by the first 10,000 fans get one. watch the nats and the marlins at 705-88-8632 nats. stop pie the nationals park box office.   nick johnson leads off hitt
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.302. nick has been very steady lately, on-base percentage the fourth best in the national league, at a healthy .412.   johnson ring right up the middle.    looks like the hitters have straight away idea about this ball game tonight. that's five washington hitters and every one, except for adam dunn, has hit the ball right up the middle. >> rob: well 95 down produce way, you see nick johnson not trying to do too much, let the pitcher supply your power, all you got to do is make contact.
7:33 pm
it will jump. >> bob: rob, before we get too deep into the game i have to ask you your opinion of the blockbuster in baseball with matt holliday going from oakland to st. louis. >> rob: well i got to speak with assistant gm david force and i'll let you announce the gm's name for the cardinals. >> bob: johnny mo jay lock. it worked out well for both of them. >> rob: they thought they'd have a better year in oakland, they didn't, they knew they couldn't resign matt holliday, the a's and the cardinals talked about it, then the cardinals went out and got derosa, they thought "okay we won't need holiday, we have got derosa," but he hurt his wrist so the talks got back on and voila, matt holliday will now be protecting albert pujols in the lineup and then asked whether or in the they'll resign matt holliday they
7:34 pm
basically said"we'll see what happens when we get to that." they are just happen to get him on the club. >> bob: with derosa coming over that took care of third base and they traded their number 1 draft choice, a young man named wallace playing third base at aaa. he was just drafted last year. that's a strange move to trade a draft pick one year after you draft him. outside. we have heard rumbling that the yankees have cast a covet to us eye toward matt holliday in the past. probably will in the future because johnny holiday comes -- johnny holiday -- johnny damon -- johnny is good but not that good -- johnny damon comes off the books this season. johnny holiday roaming center field, that's intriguing. >> rob: before and after the game, not during the game. but, i mean, the thing is that's the way the a's have to
7:35 pm
conduct business out on the west coast. they don't have an open checkbook like a lot of other ball clubs, i've talked to rick force, the harden deal, the nick swisher deal, a lot of these deals are to keep rebuilding and restocking, refueling their minor league system and their big league club. >> bob: fastball, willingham can't get it and nick johnson is out as well.   a strike-'em-out throw-'em-out  double play, willingham not close to hitting the ball and nick johnson well late when that ball got there.   . >> rob: well, right there you're hoping josh willingham can make contact, that's why you put the runner in motion to stay away from 2 double play. jim riggleman, we have already seen he likes to do that, guys
7:36 pm
you wouldn't normally see stealing bases.   . >> bob: bases empty, two ou josh bard the hitter.   . >> rob: well, and tonight c be roy hal's last start for the blue jays if he is dealt before the deadline. the deadline from the blue jays is the 28th because he would come back up for the next start on the 29th.   . >> bob: by the way, that is a home against tampa bay the? >> ray: geez, you get a perfect game thrown against you by
7:37 pm
buehrle and you have to come back and face holiday. >> bob: fouls it back just over the screen. matt holliday, by the way, in the second inning tonight singled and scored a run, acquired by the cardinals from the a's for three prospects so he scores as they put him in the lineup immediately, he is hitting fourth behind pujols. the a's who they are playing is red hot, in the sixth game over atlanta, and the yankees have taken a 2 1/2 game lead on the red sox in the al east, they have won seven straight while the sox have lost five in a row.   . >> rob: j. hap starting for phillies tonight, they think it's being delayed by rain, coveted by the toronto blue jays, they are also after brian fray beck, their top prospect, so maybe his last phillies start. >> bob: they do have rain in
7:38 pm
the second inning up in philly. josh bar, did he go? yes, says johnny hersh beck at third and this inissing is over. started in promising fashion, strike 'em out throw 'em out double play and it's 2-1 into the third. now at chili's -- welcome to chili's. start your three-course meals with a shared appetizer. for a second course, choose two entrees from over 15 chili's favorites,
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like our big mouth bites -- the mini burgers with giant layers of flavor. or a half-rack of our triple-basted baby back ribs. then save some room to share a decadent dessert. a lot of bold flavors, for a limited time only. chili's --  db deb welcome back to nationals park. the padres and nats in action.
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what better place to be than the ball park. not only will your kids enjoy what is going on on the field but they'll definitely have a good time at the playground. bob, rob, back up to you. >> bob: why don't we do a game from up there. hard to see out of those windows though. >> rob: think i'd fit in those tubes. what if i got stub? there. >> bob: debbie take a leg. >> rob: rob dibble got stuck in the slide. >> bob: this goes our analyst. >> rob: i can hear the analysts now. rob dibble got stuck in the tube again. >> bob: cabrera slaps it out to left field, adam dunn circling under it, that's how the top of the third gets under way. and now garrett mock has retired 5 of the last 6 padres so he faced adrian gonzalez
7:41 pm
and. >> kevin: inguzman off his thing. >> you think albert pujols is happy having matt holliday hitting there? >> bob: i would think so. >> rob: i would think so. >> bob: they have pujols hitting third, holiday fourth, ludwick fifth. and i'm sure they are not happy about it in chicago. even though the cubs won they bet the reds 8-5. adrian gonzalez, if you could pick one guy before the season who would probably lead the league in walks it would be him because at least pujols and ryan howard and some of those guys -- >> rob: right. >> -- do have some major league hitters battingen hiewnd them. now if guzman is hitting. gonzalez is gone, 0-1 with a sac fly and now kouzmanoff comes up who struck out first time. the padres are a little puzzled
7:42 pm
about what's going on with adrian gonzalez hitting under .250, he hit almost .280 last year with 36 homers and 119 r.b.i.s. he is on the homer pace, no problem, but only on a pace for about 90 to 95 runs batted in. here is bud black, good pitcher he was. a very popular guy around baseball.   . >> rob: and a tremendous pitching coach with the l.a. angels of anaheim before he took the job. >> bob: yes he was. he was there with mike scioscia. and his staff when they were there were in the top 5 in e.r.a. in the al five of 7 seasons. worked in cleveland for a while as a special assistant to gm johnny hard. >> rob: didn't want to leave.
7:43 pm
>> bob: had family considerations in southern california and that's important to a guy even though we overlook it. seattle, cleveland, toronto, san francisco, he won 121 games. he had 32 complete games in his career. but not many pitchers become managers? why? i mean they all seem to be ex- catchers. >> rob: ah, we're kind of flaky. no, i mean you know over one- third of the managers in the major leagues are catchers. they just think that you watch the game differently from behind home plate that in front of it. >> bob: and maybe absorb the game as well. >> rob: and maybe some people think being former pitchers you don't know a lot about hitting. i think i know a lot about hitting than some hitters because if you don't you're not a decent pitcher. i think i'd pick the brains of
7:44 pm
the pete roses and barry larkins of the world. >> bob: kouzmanoff gets jam and that will keep the ball in the park. adam dunn, and for the first time a one-two-three for garrett mock. gonzalez and harris coming right up. but how close are you to your goals? there may be more you can do. only caduet combines two proven medicines... in a single pill to significantly lower... high blood pressure and high cholesterol. in a clinical study of patients... with slightly elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, caduet helped 48% reach both goals in just 4 weeks. caduet is one of many treatment options, in addition to diet and exercise... that you can discuss with your doctor. caduet is not for everyone. it's not for people with liver problems... and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. to check for liver problems, you need simple blood tests. tell your doctor about any heart problems...
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and all other medications you are taking... or if you experience muscle pain or weakness, as they may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. how close are you to where you want to be? ask your doctor if caduet can help you go... for both your goals.  . >> bob: nats baseball on ma brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at  
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and by accura. accura, advance.   from the banks of the anacostia, it's nats park, home of the nationals where they are 18-32 this year. the padres on the road are 13- 323. families and friends having a great time here at the ball park.   bottom of the third arrives alberto gonzalez, garrett mock, and willie harris.   and mock has things under control it seems now. he is averaging right around 14 pitches per three innings after throwing 22 in the first. ,   and gonzalez takes one up a away from mat latos. roberto needs some base hits, 1 for his last 15. >> rob: your pocket calculator tells you that, averaging 14 pitches an inning. >> bob: no, that was the one right up behind my eyes.
7:47 pm
it works a little slower. >> rob: isn't it bob uker who says the biggest problem for a pitcher is the 6" between his ears. >> bob: well he is a former catcher who might know that. >> rob: there you go. wow. so right. except my forehead is more like an eight-head so i would give it 8". >> bob: garrett mock 0-1 this year, 0-5 career.   and tim is to haver who is starting tomorrow night for san diego lubes like the old man, 19 major league starts, faces jarrett who has had one. tonight it's garrett mock who has had four against mat latos who has had one.
7:48 pm
  garrett behind 0-2.    big series in detroit, they beat the white sox in the first half of a day-night doubleheader so they are a game back up on chicago but they are playing another game right now.   . boy, things worked out we format holiday, didn't they? the a's were in new york and he joined the team about an hour and a half train ride down the road in philadelphia.   . >> rob: oh, i thought you w going to say he went from the outhouse to the penthouse. >> bob: well that worked out too. >> rob: from the nice house to
7:49 pm
the penthouse. >> bob: that's better. >> rob: i love the a's. they are my favorite team. >> bob: be one of the first 20,000 fans to enter the game and get an eco friend he tote back presented by our friend at harris teether, the wonderful grocery store, watch the nationals face the padres at 7:05. you can get tickets here all day tomorrow at the box office, use your phone 888-632-nats or go online ton of the order, willie harris, bases empty, two outs.   bats a bit quiet. guzman a homer, nate johnson a base hit. last night the nationals had eight hits against adam wainwright in six innings but only scored one run, stranding seven. 
7:50 pm
 . >> rob: everything trouble getting the braking baumgartner over. going to have to get that breaking ball over or they are going to be dead red on you. >> bob: latos a big kid, 6'6", 225. and a fastball, that's going to be a generous call and i don't blame willie hair his about being upset about that. i think i believe mike gear in the batter's box just like he did. nats gone in the third. on top of it all, we're still trying to put away some money for the future. with the wish list, we can save up for anything we want. and still have enough to cover the day-t0-day. plus, the savings engine helps our money grow. and that's something we need and want. introducing the virtual wallet from pnc,
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a high definition, online view of your money. pnc. leading the way.
7:52 pm
 . >> bob: members of our arme forces and they get a good hand after the third inning every night. deservedly so. i don't think willie harris deserved to strike out. a fastball from a rookie pitcher making his second strike and a generous third strike call by marty foster. >> rob: rob let's see it again. grabs it and tries to frame it. willie can't believe it. but about the difference between a tight zone and a loose zone. oh, about 6 to 8", marty foster has a little bit of a loose zone tonight. just want it both ways. >> bob: big hop off the bat of chase headley, he takes care of that. >> rob: headley.
7:53 pm
headley lamar. >> bob: twice you did that. you're going to go home and try to find blazing saddles on pay per view, aren't you.   . >> rob: what scene was that chokes on the little candy. >> bob: i don't know. the only one i remember -- >> rob: the guy is out hanging the horse and the guy on the horse, he is is talking to taggart. >> bob: haven't seen that one in 20 years probably. >> rob: talking about putting a new sheriff in rock ridge. >> bob: well if he walked into town folks would be going "whoa." 7 for his last 22. >> rob: football player too. >> bob: yeah. garrett mock gets a ball in on his hands and it's fouled 1-2. banksks went to high school in moriarty, niewsmedz niewmghtz, and then played some junior
7:54 pm
college baseball in arizona. 42nd round draft. it's amazing when a guy drafted that low makes it to the big leagues. >> rob: 20 rounds better than mike piazza.   . >> bob: yeah, but times tha 30 you're talking 700 plus teams, 700 picks, pardon me, before you get to him. >> mock pounds it inside. >> rob: you don't want him to get his hands extended. >> bob: high into the stands, josh bard muffs the pop fly.   oh my gosh, that ball lande right in some empty seats and this is what we're talking about with these bats. i mean when it breaks off like that i mean you're talking about a javelin heading into the seats. >> rob: i don't think it hit
7:55 pm
anybody though. be. >> bob: it didn't. looked like the one gentleman right there next to the man in the san diego jersey might have deflected it and then josh bard is going to be given an error and the nats have made three errors tonight. and, now, banks will be called out on strikes. strikeout number 3 for garrett mock. and i'm not sure the hitters know what to do with the strike zone right now. >> rob: well this is a strike in any strike zone, a beautiful breaking ball, set up by a lot of fastballs pounded on the inside part of the plate. and when you jam a hitter where his bat does that that's called "getting in his kitchen." >> bob: that's nine of the last 10 retired now by garrett mock. he'll face luis rodriguez. the .193 hitting second baseman. >> rob: well major league baseball has been doing a two-
7:56 pm
year study on every broken bat. they take it, i don't know what they are doing with them and supposedly they are supposed to have some regulations coming out but it's just getting absurd. bats are flying all the way to the outfield. bats are flying 15, 20 lows up into the stands and could hurt somebody in the audience and you know the patrons, the fans, that is scary, don't want any one of them to get hurt.   it look a little girl being killed by a puck to put up nets in hockey. >> bob: yeah. >> rob: what's it going to take for them to start regulating these bats.   . >> bob: yeah, and that was big man swinging a bat that helicopterered its way right into the seats. 1-2 to rodriguez and garrett
7:57 pm
mock gives up a high hit to right center and it will not hold it and luis rodriguez hits his eighth major league home run, his second this year.   . a 5'9", 188-pound switch hitter takes one well out of here. >> rob: you worry so much about the big man getting extension and i said "don't take these guys lightly" and rodriguez gets a hanging breaking ball and absolutely steps all over it. >> bob: 3-1 padres now top of the fourth inning. here is alfonso, the catcher. 
7:58 pm
 breaking ball by garrett mock.    alfonso from venezuela, onl appeared in five games for the giants last year.   he originally signed with st.  louis at the able of 17, 13 years ago, and has spent most of 11 years in the my you're leagues with five different organizations.   . >> rob: that's perseverence right there. >> bob: sure is. >> rob: that's chasing your dream.   . >> bob: he keeps stalling t pitch up and away for a strike. now there's another hitter looking back. >> rob: you know what, that's the zone, get used to it. i like the fact that marty foster has called his strikes both ways for both sides.
7:59 pm
  >> bob: and no swing says wal dobbs.   . >> rob: see if he breaks th imaginary plain. >> bob: heat coming from the dugout. >> rob: right there is the imaginary plane. wow, and oh, jim riggleman out.   . >> bob: three balls and two strikes with the pitcher on deck. this would be a good out to get. and he should on a pop fly to right for josh willingham.   a two-out homer by luis rodriguez, cristian guzman leads off in the fourth, he has already homered tonight.


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